The purpose of vaping being to stop smoking, some people wonder if it is possible to smoke electronic cigarette and cigarette in the same day. As it is difficult to stop smoking on a whim, it takes time to adapt.

Vaping helps reduce cigarette consumption

Several scientists have studied the subject in recent years, and their studies reveal that electronic cigarettes reduce cigarette consumption. They therefore advise the use of both for a significant reduction in consumption. This alternative to tobacco, in addition to reducing the amount of tobacco consumed, promotes the permanent cessation of cigarette consumption. One scientist advises, for example, to facilitate withdrawal, to smoke and vaporize at the same time. Keeping the consumption of cigarettes at specific times (one cigarette after each meal) and steaming during the day allows to reduce considerably the use of cigarettes.

Vaping and smoking: stop smoking effortlessly and without stress!

Many smokers mistakenly think that when they decide to stop smoking, the best thing to do is to choose the e-cigarette and no longer consume cigarettes. This is a trap because the temptation is strong. In addition, vaporizing does not effectively replace the cigarette, which makes the withdrawal will be longer and more difficult. Smoking and vaporize at the same time is advised by tobacco experts to quit quietly and without stress. Smoking an electronic cigarette and a classic cigarette is recommended, and even almost compulsory. A smoker who completely stops smoking the classic cigarette to vaporize will have a great feeling of lack and deprivation. As soon as the slightest opportunity arises, he will give up vaporizing to return to his old habits.

Tips for quitting for good with vaping

It is a fact that very few smokers are able to quit smoking permanently overnight. Already, the decision to quit is a big step towards success. To get there without too much difficulty, choose vapotage as an alternative. When the urge to smoke is too strong, don't deprive yourself. Just keep in mind that the long-term goal is to quit for good and therefore, no more going back to smoking. So, gradually reduce the number of cigarettes during the day and replace them with the electronic cigarette. Thus, in a day, it is strongly advised to alternate electronic cigarette and conventional cigarette safely. In addition, the inhalation of nicotine through the electronic cigarette and the conventional cigarette is no more dangerous than that of the conventional cigarette alone in abundance. Smoking and vaping at the same time is therefore the solution for a withdrawal without constraint.