In some countries, notably Switzerland, the cultivation of CBD is legal. As a result, consumers are multiplying day by day. However, this cultivation can take place either indoors (indoor) or outdoors (outdoor). In this article, the qualities of the flowers of these different crops will be promoted.

The cultivation of CBD indoor

The plantations are controlled inside huge hangars. Indoor CBD flowers are appreciated for their high quality. This extravagant quality is contributed by the careful treatment of the growers. Thanks to a large planting area, they can regulate all production processes. Light, room temperature, humidity... are factors that ensure the good growth of CBD plants. Thus, the buds produced are voluminous and offer a tasty taste. Thanks to total control of the cultivation process, growers benefit from several annual harvests. Nevertheless, the investment in production is easily recouped. Currently, some hybrids from the strains feel more comfortable in indoor cultivation.

Outdoor cultivation of the CBD

Outdoor cultivation prescribes a natural environment for CBD plantations. The plants take full advantage of wind aeration, sunlight and natural rainwatering. This method allows the normal and natural development of the genetics of these plants. Thanks to this freedom, the plants grow slowly but surely. However, the flowers of CBD outdoor are less powerful than those indoors. This is because the buds are smaller and the leaves cover the flower. On the other hand, the flavours are particularly aromatic. In addition, the price of outdoor flowers is lower than that of indoor flowers. The quality is not the only negative factor of these flowers, the climatic vagaries cause the destruction of plantations. Knowing that cultivation processes require constant regularity, drought and violent rains are the enemies of production. The disadvantage of planting outdoors is also the length of time it takes to grow, as growers only harvest once a year.

The qualities of CBD

Indoor cannabis has undoubtedly created a revolution in culture. Of its highly qualified quality, the most refined consumers do not hesitate to get some in coffee-shops. The control of the environment and the acceleration of the flowering process pushes the genetic potential of the plants to the maximum. The buds have a favourable environment for their growth; rain and strong winds do not affect production. Perfected by this advantage, the improvement in THC levels is considerable. As for outdoor cultivation, the desired effects remain and the flavours are intense. On the other hand, the THC level is low and the buds are small. Nowadays, commercial plantation companies practice both methods.