It is always difficult to quit smoking overnight, however, when you need to, you can vaporize to break the habit little by little. A pregnant woman must stop smoking because cigarette smoke is very harmful to her fetus. So, many pregnant women wonder about smoking, is it harmful to the fetus?

The e-cigarette is less dangerous than cigarettes

Many experts agree that pregnant spraying does not pose a real danger to the fetus. In fact, they advise pregnant women who have tried to stop smoking by all means without success to vaporize to stop little by little. The e-cigarette contains neither tobacco nor carbon monoxide, so it is not considered harmful to pregnancy according to a renowned scientist. The e-cigarette avoids the inhalation of harmful substances contained in tobacco and at the same time, allows you to gradually stop smoking.

Is it good to vape during pregnancy?

A pregnant woman, for her baby to develop well, must stop smoking, because the carbon monoxide, tobacco and nicotine contained in the cigarette prevent the fetus from developing normally. Every doctor and midwife will advise a pregnant woman not to smoke during her pregnancy and will advise her of other alternatives in order to stop smoking, given the difficulty of quitting overnight. The majority of women choose the e-cigarette to stop consuming the tar, tobacco and carbon monoxide contained in the cigarette while continuing to vaporize. However, the e-cigarette contains nicotine that acts immediately on the baby's nervous system and deteriorates it. Vaporizing during pregnancy can therefore be harmful to the fetus, not in the same way as smoking a cigarette, but still harmful.

The e-cigarette, harmful to health during pregnancy

The electronic cigarette is a substitute for the cigarette, it is not considered dangerous compared to the cigarette. In fact, substances found in a cigarette such as tar, carbon monoxide that results from the burning of tobacco are very dangerous during pregnancy because they affect the development and health of the baby. These substances are not found in the electronic cigarette, however, it contains nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These substances reach the baby's bloodstream. Although they are less dangerous, the fact is that there are currently no exact scientific studies that prove the safety of the e-cigarette for the baby. In addition, the nicotine included in the e-cigarette reaches the nervous system of the fetus and deteriorates it. For these reasons, vaporizing pregnant is not the best solution to stop smoking.