CBD or cannabidiol is an element found in cannabis just like THC. But unlike THC, the CBD molecule is used by scientists to be combined with drugs. Moreover, CBD is recommended by some doctors, because it has therapeutic virtues.  It could be said that it brings benefits to its consumers. So what are the possible effects of CBD? Since it comes from cannabis, does it really have no side effects?

CBD: relaxing and anxiolytic effect

Assuming that cannabis is considered to be a narcotic drug, its constituent parts therefore have the same effects as the latter. Thus, one could think that CBD makes you high and acts on the psychic of the consumer. This idea is completely false, because on the contrary, the CBD does not make the user "high" or "high". The latter has no psychoactive effect. CBD acts against a patient's anxious state and is taken at a dosage of 50mg. This is why it is characterized as an anxiolytic. And if used with cannabis, it counteracts the effects of THC. Finally, for those who are planning to quit smoking, CBD is a good component.

CBD as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory

Consumption of CBD is not prohibited by law. On the contrary, scientists advocate its use in medicines. Among others, CBD is used in the composition of medicines such as EPIDIOLEX, SATIVEX etc. Professionals advise the use and consumption of CBD for patients with pain, inflammation. Thus, it fights arthritis pain, for example, by reducing symptoms. This effect against pain has been proven according to established research. Certainly, its use must be by a professional, because so far it cannot be said that it can substitute medical treatment.

The CBD: with some side effects, but not harmful

Since the CBD study does not completely state that CBD can be qualified as a drug, the dosage administered to or consumed by patients may cause some discomfort. Depending on the dosage, the person and their sensitivity, CBD can cause dry mouth and irritation of the respiratory tract. This harm is only caused by the spraying of CBD, as it is often consumed by spraying or smoking. Fortunately, this effect is adjustable depending on the dosage. The same applies to drowsiness or dizziness. The big concern is for people with arterial problems. CBD causes a drop in blood pressure, i.e. it leads to hypotension. Nevertheless, the WHO concludes that this product is not harmful to health and has no psychotropic effect.