Currently used in the medical sector to relieve certain types of pain, or for therapeutic purposes, cannabidiol or CBD is relatively well known for its many medicinal virtues. A substance extracted from the hemp and marijuana plant, the health benefits of CBD in combating stress and anxiety have been all the rage in recent years.

Understanding what anxiety is

Stress and anxiety are part of the daily life of many French people, and among the latest research on natural remedies to combat them is the CBD. Often confused, you should know that there are differences between anxiety disorders and stress. Stress usually results in an increased heart rate, a feeling of difficulty breathing, shaky hands, or excessive sweating. Its treatment often boils down to solving the cause to stop the disorder (family event, passing exams, etc.). Anxiety, on the other hand, is more related to excessive fear, permanent stress in relation to a specific situation or a particular environment. Generalized anxiety disorder results in endless anxiety, excessive fear of the unexpected, or even an inability to enjoy the good times because of apprehension about the future. Left untreated, a generalized anxiety disorder can lead to depression, or other obsessive-compulsive disorders and phobias (such as social phobia for example). Difficult to manage, this generalized anxiety affects more than 5% of the French population, and can be a real nuisance in their everyday life, both on a personal and relational level. Faced with this problem, the researchers were able to set up an anxiety treatment using CBD oil.

Treating anxiety with CBD

While research is still ongoing, experimental clinical studies have concluded that CBD has benefits in some patients suffering from social anxiety disorder, excessive anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. Note that CBD does not prevent anxiety and pain, but it reduces their impact by acting on your nervous system to strengthen its own natural defenses. Experiments have shown a decrease in anxiety and good quality of sleep after taking 25mg daily of CBD by adult patients suffering from anxiety disorders. A study on the impact of CBD on social phobia has shown that CBD helps speech performance by reducing cognitive impairment, anxiety, stress generated by speaking vigilance, etc.. A study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology highlighted on neuroimages that CBD has an impact on brain activity of patients by reducing their generalized social anxiety disorder.

CBD is not a drug

Despite its medicinal virtues, CBD is still considered a food supplement, not a medicine. As a result, it is not covered by social security or mutual insurance companies. This does not prevent the fact that you can consume CBD in different forms: in CBD oil with the help of a drip, in capsule like a drug, in chewing gum for ease and discretion, in e-liquid to be absorbed in the lungs through an e-cigarette, as a cosmetic product to be applied to the body. In short, you are free to choose the dosage that suits you.